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20160731_113709 20160802_130732 20160805_170625mindy's phone pictures 483Welcome to Thought Before Action….This is not just a webpage title for me. It is more of a life philosophy. I tend to think deeply before taking any action; possibly to a fault. I am an introspective brooder. I observe, analyze and question intently. I worry frequently. I like to read, write, listen, and run when possible. I have a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration, and a M.Ed. in counseling. I am an occasional contributor to the Dallas Morning News community voices page. You can see my previously published columns by searching for “Dallas Morning News Mindy Levine voices” .

About Outrage and Ire:

Several years ago my son pointed out a bumper sticker that made our whole family laugh. We were traveling down 75 and found ourselves behind an old Ford sporting the saying, “if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention”. This concept has become an ongoing joke in my family. Whenever one of us reads about some new inequality or public insanity, we text or call each other to ask, ” Are you outraged yet? ” My answer is almost always, “yes I really am!”

Maybe you are as well!

On Running…sometimes:

There are so many columns, articles, and research about running available on a daily basis. But my own experience with running is rarely addressed. I am not someone returning to a sport I enjoyed when I was young. When I was a girl, where I grew up in New York, there was no motivation to take part in sports. Non-athletic girls like me had no reason or desire to engage in athletic activities.

I first started running 4 years ago in response to a bad year of health. I discovered that I love running. Running is motivational. Running feels good. Running is healthy. Running is therapy.

Sadly, for middle aged people (and I guess calling myself “middle aged” implies I’m planning to live into my hundreds) running is prone to injury and set-backs.

I keep running because the alternative is not running. Bad running, slow running, even brief running is better than no running at all!

Family and Relationships:

This topic covers the most important part of our lives. The relationships we form and the way we interact with our usually beloved family members as well as the people we pass by daily. Sometimes the lessons that impact us the most come from the people we only pass by once.

Thoughts abound:

Because they do, constantly, on so many topics!

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