A call to action for runners and non-runners alike.

  Every time a runner heads out the door, there is baggage that comes along. Sometimes it is yesterday’s cupcake or a muscle ache from the weekend’s overambitious long run. Occasionally the extra baggage is an overlong “TO DO” list, or the remnants of a stupid family argument. But sometimes the baggage is even heavier. … Read more

I DON’T love a parade.

I already started planning my outfit. A long suede skirt with fringes along the bottom. A tie-dyed tee shirt. Flowers in my hair and a peace symbol around my neck. Maybe boots, beads, a large belt and a big sign. Yesterday I spent the day fuming about the proposed 92 million dollar military parade intended … Read more

My Texan view of the NRA

I never got my invitation to the 2018 National Rifle Association’s annual convention. I have been checking my mailbox all week, but I have received nothing but bills.  I understand President Trump, Vice President Pence , and Texas Senator Cruz are all speaking at the event. It is guaranteed to put Dallas at the dead … Read more