I’m still out here…

Hello friends,

I was listening to the new Pentatonix rendition of “Sounds of Silence” and realized it has been a long time
since I shared a post.

There are two reasons for this. First, I have been rendered silent myself by the feeling of futility in raising my voice.  I’m sure I will regain the imperative to share again at some point, but right now I feel sadly muted.  I think the final blow was being denied the option of promoting some of my posts through FACEBOOK. Apparently, my gentle musings are too political to be safely shared. Even when I am willing to pay to have that done.

The second reason I have been quiet is I am working on a science fantasy novel which I suspect will also never be seen.

But, you can see the first two pages here.

I’m thinking about you out there in media-verse!  I hope you are all walking on solid ground.

Thanks for reading,


The Shift

Before the current time

Council Member Two smiled as he looked across the verdant property he had been given by the Community.

He hummed as he walked among the towering trees. Glimpses of blue sky appeared between the tree tops as he followed the winding trail amidst patches of sun and shade.

He reached his favorite spot in the natural shelter of the largest tree’s root system, and rested his back against the trunk.

This was his. This land. This forest. He had earned the right to this perfect moment. The peace was interrupted by a feeling of a forceful wave of energy through the trees.  Two had felt the energy waves before, an intense force passing through the trees, rustling the branches, humming underfoot. A faint glowing light manifested beneath the soil.

He pulled out his multi-tool and worked the blade into the hard ground. He could feel energy rising up through his hands as the light intensified.  He stabbed the blade urgently with his right hand as he shoved dirt away with his left hand, determined to uncover the energy source between the tree roots. Heat rose up from the hole and sparked along his arms. He found it.

A stone.

He peered into the blue heart of the glowing object.  He cupped the treasure in both hands and held it close to his face. This is mine. I earned this. He watched the blue light spilling through his fingers. Beautiful.

Light expanded until it encompassed him. It covered him. The trees and the ground pulsed with energy and light.  When the light dimmed Council member Two was gone.

Sitting in his office far from the forest, Council member Ten watched the recording again and again.  He didn’t know what the stone was, but he was determined that it would belong to him.

The First Day

I had been following the rules. I was good at following rules and Mom had convinced me it was important to be exact in my adherence to every specific requirement.

“I know it is difficult to always get every detail right.” She tidied up my ponytail and checked to make sure my socks were evenly pulled up and my shoes were tied correctly.

“But it is critical you do so. This is your first experience of outside schooling, and if you want to make it

back unchanged you need to pay careful attention. You are fifteen and it is time to be an adult. No daydreaming. No unnecessary questions. Sometimes it is not enough to make all the right motions. You have to think and feel all the right things too. Be careful!”  She made sure my backpack was sitting correctly on my back.

“I put something extra in your pack to help if you run into trouble. Don’t tell anyone. Don’t act differently. Don’t stand out. Be friendly but not too friendly. Be smart but not too smart. Smile, but not too much. Eat your lunch.”

Mom  turned to me. Her beautiful dark eyes sparked with a deep flash as she continued speaking. “I need you home at the end of the day Kyla.

I need YOU home.”

I looked at myself in the mirror to make sure I was ready to blend. I was going to school for the very first time, and I might not make it back.  What if I really was different from the other girls? What if they could tell? I swallowed past my suddenly dry throat.

I was terrified.

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    • Thanks Carol! It is coming along…If I can’t shop it around successfully
      I am going to put the whole thing out here. Stories are made for sharing!

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